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Let’s take a glimpse into a parent-child connection. Picture this... a young girl is bubbling over with joy about something that happened at school. Upon returning home, she bursts through the front door and screams, “Mom, you won’t believe what happened today in math class!” Mom is busy preparing food for dinner, looks up for a moment to say hello, only to cast her eyes back down as she continues cutting vegetables to toss into the pot of boiling soup. Her daughter is spilling over with excitement, eager to...
We often tell parents that there are six words for adoptive families to live by. Practicing these words have can bring dynamic hope and healing to even the most difficult situation. Founded in the love of God, the six guiding words are Be Compassionate! Be Firm! Be Proactive!

Be Compassionate! Never forget for a moment, the suffering and pain your child experienced before coming to the safety of your home. Childhood traumas remain ever-present...


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